Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If I were to subscribe to the Webster explanations, I would say "foodie" is someone keenly interested in food, especially eating or cooking it. And a "fatty/fattie" would simply be something containing fat. Obviously Webster hasn't spent much time refining with the culturally-inspired definitions of both foodie and fatty. I thought it would be wise to break down my belly- influenced perspective.

When I was a young lad, I relished my mother's phrase, "Wash your hands and come eat." Nothing brought me greater joy than bolting into the kitchen like it was Christmas morning to see what was going to fill my innards. My mind didn't ponder whether the ingredients were locally grown, if the food was "semi-homemade" or if what I would eat was simply from a box. My thoughts started and ended with the look, the smell and the taste. And that, my friends, is the composition of a fatty. A fatty isn't driven by the intricate composition of the meal. He is possessed with the visual allure, the intoxicating smell and most importantly the oasis of tastes.

I was strolling through my orientation at the Park Hyatt Hotel as I entered the inferno home of prominent Hyatt head chef Brian McBride. My eyes lit up at the orchestrated randomity of the knives' precision cuts, the brimming pots, the sauces evolving from the words and sometimes the mere scowl of Chef McBride. He was the first foodie I had ever knowingly met. I stood in awe of his rolodex of mental menus and his hard drive of techniques. A foodie is more than just a "lover" of food. He is a "lover" of the craft. He constantly strives to up his food "IQ". He cringes at the idea of "boxed" anything and he applauds the effort as much as the outcome of each dish.

This blog will be an interactive perspective of the daily harvest food has to offer. Through restaurant reviews, food trends, International cuisines and in-home kitchen testing, I plan on entertaining, educating and elongating your mind and stomach. This is my blog but your "interaction" will be the flavor that ties it all together. Put on your apron....it's gonna get messy!

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