Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restaurant Rewind - Asia Dog

You don't have to take me out to the ballgame for me to want one of the most American foods next to apple pie: HOT DOGS!  Don't scoff when I call myself a connoisseur of the frankfurter.  Great hot dogs are an amazing balance of select ground meats and seasoning encased in the perfect capsule that rarely needs ketchup or mustard.  So when I heard there was another wiener hideaway in New York I simply had to check it out.

There is no shortage of selection when it comes to hot dogs in NYC.  A couple of my favorite hot dogs in the country are there.

There is the recession friendly Gray's Papaya Dogs.

And the contest worthy Nathan's hot dog stands.

But if you want a more sophisticated hot dog; ones with a nouveau look, you have to add ASIA DOG to your short list for a hot dog fix.  Tucked away between Mott and Elizabeth Streets right off Bowery, Asia Dog just opened their doors for business.  The  4X4 walk-in 6 seater has funky charm and a friendly staff to match.

I'll admit it, I'm a fatty.  So when it was time to order I decided all the "Specials" was the best choice.  You know, so I could give my "expert" opinion *wink*

The Dog is a taste bud awakening.  Crisp wasabi  slaw with edadame and a yuzu dressing is a reminder that these dogs have the orient influence all the way through them.  I actually felt like I was eating healthy.

I really really really wanted to try their rendition of The Corndog, but apparently I was not the only one.  They were sold out :(  So, I had the runner up, The Kimchi Pancake Corndog.  Throw out your thoughts of a typical corn dog batter.  The coating  is actually tender with a sweet finish.  Coupled with the "mystery sauce" that is similar to a mild siracha, it is a "nice" interpretation of the traditional.

I saved the best for last.  You could have guessed that I love pork and anything.  But when you take pork and beef burger and mend them into a juice dripping "hot dog" you are my new best friend.  This sexy bite doesn't leave you feeling gluttonous because it's layered with diakon and pickled carrots for a clean finish.  Add a drizzle of their "special sauce" that tastes like a revamped Big Mac sauce and your grin grows with every chew.

Vegetarians are welcome also.  You can choose from beef, chicken or veggie dogs.  Make sure to get your ruffig with their mixed green salad or enjoy the wasabi potato salad.  Wash it down with a house made Limeade soda and you will leave with satisfaction in your stomach while bowing and saying "xie xie" ("thank you" in Chinese).

Meiwei! (Delicious!)

P.S. - Bring cash if you want to eat.  I found out the hard way they don't accept cards yet.  Come on Asia Dog, get it together *smile*

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