Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Flows

It goes without saying that food is poetic. Food offers a rhythmic balance of taste, texture and smell. Periodically I will feature a "Foodie with flow" to express their love for food in word. This piece is from my dear friend Chelsea aka "Ambiance of Love"

Bon Appetit!

You parade around in my mind
Leaving me on cloud nine
Your scent lingers like a mask
...I envision you all over my face
I can’t wait for that oooh wee decadent taste
Ever so gently you tickle my nose
I inhale your rich essence with so much joy
In hopes to savor that rich flavor
Sugar and spice
I’m so enticed
For you I have a never-ending appetite
Another whiff of your aromas sets in
And this hypnotic session
Starts all over again
Seasonings tempt me for no reason
Invading my thoughts
Committing mental treason
Decadent delight
Teasing me out of spite
Curry, cumin and chutney
Bring on uncontrollable gluttony
Look what you’ve done to me
You pour out your deliciousness
Marinate on my palate
Caress my naked lips...
Leaving trails of your bliss
I am left with this…

Moist, Soft and Tender
Drizzled over my full lips
Treacle of your kiss

~Ambiance of Love


  1. It was perfect..beautifully balanced like a

  2. OMG.. you cant be showing all that yummy goodness in those pictures. Love the site