Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ask the Foodie

Ask the foodie

I get asked on a regular basis: Where’s the best place to eat in (insert city or even country here)?  How do I keep this chicken from drying out?  What types of foods should I be eating to lose weight?  Can you make me a meal?  And all except that last one I gladly answer to family and friends.  Then it hit me… I should be sharing this with my fellow foodies and fatties.  Thus the creation of (drum roll please) “Ask the Foodie” (ATF).

ATF (not the will be a place to bring me your toughest food related questions.  As long as it is related to food in some shape form or fashion, I will answer.  Bring me your burnt-on-the- outside, raw-in-the-center chicken, your “where and when” to eat questions and your puzzled brains of wondering how in the world did they make that?

I am Mr. Foodtastic! Your on-call foodie..and fatty. 

Bon Apetite!

Mr. Foodtastic


  1. This is great. Can you give me your top three slow cooker recipes? I love my slow cooker and find it's great for busy people and moms. I can start in the morning and it's ready when I done w/ work. So, what's your top 3??

  2. Thanks for the question. Look for your answer in an upcoming blog :)