Friday, February 18, 2011


From time to time I will share with you a story about an event, client or behind-the-scenes look at my catering company Entree Metropolitan Catering and Event Planning.  Every client is important!  But sometimes a client stands out.  For all the great work they do, this blog is dedicated to the tireless efforts of the faculty and staff at Friendship Public Charter School.

Inspired by Michelle Obama's initiative "Let's Move", I rekindled my long desire to provide nutritious meals to our youth.  The fight to end childhood obesity is a great cause.  With all the side effects of obesity such as diabetes and cancer; it is imperative we get a grip on this unnoticed epidemic.

Obesity control begins with fresh and healthy food choices.  We can no long turn a blind eye to frozen tater tots, honey buns, chips and soda.  Vibrant vegetables, sweet fruit and whole grains are just some of the foods that can promote health and weight management for our children.

It's easy to make the subtle changes to everyday menus that cut out fats and processed foods.  With a little planning you can create vitamin-rich meals that will strengthen the bones and minds of our next generation.

We recently did a lunch for Friendship Public Charter School's Chamberlain Campus that includes 7th to 12th graders.  The lunch was to honor all the students with perfect attendance.

Our menu:

We started with organic skinless chicken breast.  Free of pesticides and fat from the skin is a clever way of knocking out fat.

To add flavor we created an original Cajun blend
We finished it with fresh citrus

Instead of frozen vegetables voided of vitamins, we opted from fresh.  The vibrancy alone tells you it's not only good to the taste, but also good for you.

Use olive oil instead of butter
A nice rice pilaf is a good replacement for white rice.
A healthy salad is a ruffedge.

Get rid of white rolls and add multi-grain varieties of bread.

Okay okay... So with all that effort you can have a cookie.

We added fresh berries for anti-oxidants

Simple tips and easy execution.  So the next time you're planning your child's meal, think about the quality as well as the quantity.  Feel free to share your healthy tips and tricks for healthy eating.

Bon Apetite!

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