Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Meal Wheels (Washington, DC) - MEATHEAD

I mentioned in my blog  Food Predictions for 2011 that food trucks took us by storm in 2010.  I also said that 2011 would bring a traffic jam of new truck concepts.  Living in the Nation's Capitol makes me privy to some delicious walk up dining. Because I travel for good food, I have also sampled food trucks from Boston to Atlanta and Chicago to Los Angeles.  My quest for mobile munchies inspired this blog segment I call: New  Meal Wheels.

Making my rounds in downtown DC today, I ran across the newest additional to the trail wagon of food trucks, Meat Head.  The name alone got me to stop.  You could say I'm a carnivore at heart and stomach.  The newest member to the downtown lunch crowd has only been on the streets a few days.

Meat Head leaves the salads and appetizers off the menu and gets right to the point: MEAT! Accompanying chips and sodas are four (4) signature sandwiches: MOO MOO (Beef), OINK OINK (Pig), CLUCK CLUCK (Chicken) and THE MEATHEAD (Beef, Pig and Chicken).

The fatty in me selected The Meathead before I could think about my girlish figure (lol).  A bit overpriced, The Meathead is still a good sandwich.  The caramelized onions were properly prepared.  The addition of coleslaw and sauces reminded of some 2 a.m. concoction I would enjoy. 

I do have one complaint.  It was not hot.  Clearly posted, the sign ensured "a warm grilled bun."  I am big on delivering what's promised.  And where were my napkins?  Come on Meathead, I want to love you.

Perhaps one day when I'm clamoring for my "meat fix", I'll give them another shot.  For now, 2 forks up.  You gotta nail down the details; its what will make you great!

Bon Apetite!

Mr. Foodtastic


  1. Question: Are the food trucks really clean? I'm on the fence about eating from them. But, as you say, they are all the rage. Should I or Shouldn't I?

  2. I definitely think you should give them a try. You would be amazed at the quality of food being produced in food trucks. Additionally, there are health regulations in place for most cities as it relates to food trucks. So give them a try!! I'm sure you'll be impressed!